Youths For Excellence is a registered charity and non-profit organisation headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica that serves inner-city youth sitting their exit examinations in grades four to six. It was incorporated on June 16, 2015 by Founder Jénine Shepherd out of a need to try to bridge the gaps in education caused by societal inequities. 

Jénine Shepherd has served as the Executive Director since our incorporation and has been crucial in establishing our strategic partnerships with governments across the Caribbean region and crafting our proposals for education improvement across the region.

At the core of our organisation is the idea that a holistic approach to education reform is needed. The future demands that every child gets a whole systems approach to closing the gaps in education– families must be included in the system change. We accomplish this by providing tutoring  food, healthcare and school supplies to inner-city children as well as opportunities for personal development and career advancement for their families.

Since our founding, we have assisted over 800 students with our holistic model that gained us the Prime Minister's Youth Award for Excellence in Nation Building from the Jamaican Government. We have begun the expansion of our work to rural areas of Jamaica and have expanded our scope to Barbados, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. Most notably, we have cemented our organization as an authority on education in Jamaica and have been called on to champion collaboration across the region in discussions around the future of education. Our projects have varied in size from 36 students to 400 students at once. Notably, we held our inaugural Back to School Event at the Office of the Prime Minister in Jamaica on August 29, 2019, where 36 students were each provided with tablets, comprehensive health checkups, 3 month's food supply, 2 month's bus passes, school supplies, textbooks and e-learning logins to practice for PEP.

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To grant the wishes of children hoping for a learning environment they can succeed in by providing them with the adequate tools of healthcare, nutrition and sound tutelage as well as career and personal development opportunities for their families all in aid of the child's holistic development.


To eradicate education inequality in the world, starting with the Caribbean region.